Alban Arts Academy

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Scholarships are available.  Forms can be downloaded HERE.  Scholarship forms must be returned to the Alban by 5:00pm on February 15th.

Online Registration costs only $25, and reserves your students spot in class.  The remaining balance will be due in person on the first day of class, or a payment agreement may be arranged as well. 

All Performance Classes will have a final presentation and must be present for Tech Week Rehearsals.  Students in these classes will meet daily the week of May 7th-13th to rehearse their showcase presentations. 

Pre-Acting Cherie Cowder  Tues. 5:30 6:30 PreK—K   Register 
This class encourages use of the imagination. We introduce them to storytelling, acting and improvisation. They create stories through creative play. Students learn to memorize simple lines and use their Big Voice on stage as well. Early participation in drama develops confidence, speaking skills, social skills and serves as a great introduction to acting that begins a life-long enjoyment of creative arts.
Adam Bryan       Tues. 5:30 6:30 1st—5th         Register
This class gets students comfortable on stage. We explore theater basics: character, voice, memorization and confidence. Students experience acting exercises to find students’ strengths. Students will work on a short play that will be presented at the showcase. **Students must be able to read.
John Barton      Tues. 6:45 7:45 6th—8th       Register
Designed with both new and experienced young actors in mind, this class will focus on building essential acting skills while becoming more comfortable on stage. Observation, movement, character development and improvisation skills will be taught through theatre games. Relaxation and visualization exercises will be taught to help reduce anxiety. Students will gain confidence and learn to become more comfortable performing. Students will perform a short play at the end of the semester.