65 Olde Main Plaza
St. Albans, WV 25177

The Hobbit: July 21, 22, 23, 28, 29, 30

2017-07-21 20:00 - 2017-07-30 14:00
Alban Art Center
65 Olde Main Plaza, St Albans, WV 25177, United States

July 21, 22, 23, 28, 29, 30

The Hobbit

Directed by Jenna Skeen

J.R.R. Tolkien’s magical world of Hobbits, Dwarves, and the Ring, will come to the Alban in July! Bilbo Baggins is quite content with his life in the Shire, and is as sensible a hobbit as you could wish for, when the wizard Gandulf shows up on his doorstep with a troop of Dwarves who have invited themselves for tea! They convince Bilgo to sign on as a burglar for hire to reclaim a vast fortune stolen by the dragon Smaug, far away in the Lonely Mountain. Despite his protests, his long unanswered longing for adventure gets the better of him and sets forth over The Hill and across The Water on a magical, perilous adventure.

Following a nasty spot of trouble with three horrible trolls, who plan on eating he and the Dwarves, the adventures uncover the troll’s horde which includes elvin swords. One of these swords Bilbo names Sting and it helps him overcome many obstacles in his journey. After a meeting with the Elves of Rivendell, Bilbo and the other climb the Misty Mountains and are promptly captured by Goblins. Saved by Gandalf, the Dwarves escape, but Bilbo is left behind. He finds a ring in the darkness, and to meets the strange creature Gollum, who challenges him to a game of riddles, if Bilbo can’t answer he will be eaten! Bilbo outsmarts Gollum and escapes to meet his friends outside the mountains.

Entering the Forest of Mirkwood the travelers are attacked by huge spiders, but Bilbo saves the day with his new ring, which makes him invisible, and his elven sword Sting! Alas, as soon as they are free of the spiders, they are captured by Wood Elves and imprisoned for trespassing. Bilbo manages to free them by hiding the Dwarves in barrels and escaping via the river.  At last they reach Lake-town, and are given provisions for the journey to the Lonely Mountain. They use Thorin’s map to find a secret passage into the mountain where Bilbo must begin his task of burgling from the frightening dragon, Smaug. Smaug smells Bilbo in his lair, but can’t see him, due to the magic ring, and Bilbo manages to escape with a piece of treasure. Smaug vows revenge and flies to Laketown to destroy it. Meanwhile, the Dwarves and Bilbo take possession of the Lonely Mountain, and Bilbo finds the Arkenstone, a jewel and heritage of the Dwarves.

Bard, of Lake-town kills the dragon with a black arrow. Believing the Dwarves are dead, an army of men, led by Bard, and an army of Elves march toward the Lonely Mountain to divide the treasure. They find to their surprise that the Dwarves are still alive.

The men claim a share of the treasure, because Smaug destroyed their town. When the dwarfs refuse to surrender it, the army besieges the mountain. Bilbo tries to end the dispute by giving Arkenstone to Bard, hoping it can be used to force the dwarves to negotiate. Bilbo’s bravery wins him praise from all but the Dwarves, who are furious with him. When more dwarfs arrive from the north, they are determined to fight.

Just as war begins to break out, an army of Goblins attack. The dwarves, elves, and men forget their differences and join together to keep from being killed. Help comes at the time of greatest need, and the Goblins are defeated.

Bilbo finds that he’s a hero, reconciles with Thorin and is given a share of the treasure. But he’s had enough of adventure and sets off for home with Gandalf. He keeps in his possession the magic ring…

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    Book by: Thomas Meehan, Music by: Charles Strouse, Lyrics by:Martin Charnin

    Based on Little Orphan Annie by permission of The Media Tribune Services, Inc.

    Directed by: Adam Bryan


    “The Sun’ll come out Tomorrow!” Yes, the famous musical about the little red-haired orphan will once again return to the Alban!

    Set in the 1930s, the little orphan, Annie, runs away from the despotic orphanage run by disreputable Miss Hannigan. She finds her way to a Hooverville and protects a stray dog, naming him Sandy. Taken back to the orphanage by the police she is saved by Grace, the secretary of billionaire Oliver Warbucks, and taken to his mansion to spend Christmas in luxury. Despite his gruff exterior Mr. Warbucks eventually warms to Annie, and promises to help find her parents. When no parents emerge, despite a large reward for information, Mr. Warbucks attempts to adopt Annie himself, but a Mr. and Mrs. Mudge appear with the other half of Annie’s locket. (However, this is really the brother and sister-in-law of Miss Hannigan, attempting to pocket the reward money.) President Roosevelt and the FBI step in to prove the Mudges and Miss Hannigan are crooks, and Annie has a bright future with Daddy Warbucks, Grace, and Sandy.  Featuring the well known songs; Tomorrow, Hard-Knock Life, Little Girls

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    Moon Over Buffalo

    By Ken Ludwig

    Directed By George Snider

    Slapstick, mistaken identity, and is that Frank Capra? Set in playhouse in 1950s Buffalo, NY, “Moon Over Buffalo” is a tribute to the farces of the past.

    George and Charlotte Hay, traveling actors, are performing in a theatre in Buffalo. Charlotte regrets never becoming a film star, and everything seems to turn around when

    George receives a phone call from Frank Capra, who says that he needs replacements to star in his film “The Scarlet Pimpernel,” and that he plans to see the shows and consider George and Charlotte for the parts. The only problem with this potential happy new future is he news that George slept with Eileen , the young ingénue, and gotten her pregnant. Charlot announces her intention to leave with the couple’s lawyer, Richard, and George goes on a bender out of guilt.

    Charlotte and Roz , George and  Charlotte’s daughter, call every bar in town when they find out George was telling the truth about the movie offer. Into this mess steps Howard, Roz's new fiancé. Charlotte mistakes the bumbling man for Capra himself. George, meeting Howard, is afraid he is Eileen's brother, and in his drunken confusion wraps Howard in rope and locks him up.

    As Charlotte is getting ready to perform Noel Coward’s “Private Lives” for the famous director, George steps on stage as Cyrano De Bergerac. Farce ensues... Later, a sober, chastened George offers apologies, but stunningly Howard announces that he and Eileen used to be in item and dumps Roz. Roz gets back with her ex, Paul. George and Charlotte try and work things out. The lawyer ends up with nobody, and it turns out that Capra missed the first performance and will be actually attending the next show. Everything will turn out just fine, we think.

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    No additional details for this event.